Monday, 28 March 2011

Mini celebration

This weekend, David and I finally closed the loop of the London Capital Ring after walking the final three sections on Sunday. With such lovely weather, the 12-ish miles flew past.

Woolwich Ferry

We took the ferry back across the river to Woolwich as the foot tunnel is still closed. I have a feeling that this is how I will be completing the walk in May as although Greenwich Council's website states that the foot tunnel will be closed until 'March 2011', the site sign says 2012. Boat trip vs. dark tunnel under the river? I'm not all that sad about it.

I've taken photos on every section (some more than others) and put them all together into one collection in my Flickr. Have a look at them here.

Blue dots are appearing on my map...

Earlier today I started putting blue dots on my wall map. More on those to follow...


  1. Hi, Katy! Looks great but hard work wark walk!
    Hoping to join you for bits of walk (with Georgie!) Love, Paulyx

  2. Hey! Pauly! Would love for you two to join me - owe you a very overdue call so promise to get on the case and give you a ring.