Thursday, 2 May 2013

New Spring walks from Walk London

Although I've only been on one of Walk London's organised walks, I'm a big fan.  They're a great way of getting out to explore somewhere new, hearing from enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides and, of course, meeting fellow walkers.  A string of free guided London walks are coming up, and it looks as though the weather may be brightening to meet them.  You can see all of the walks on offer on the Walk 4 Life website, but here are a few of my choice picks:

A short (1.5 mile) walk around St Paul's, exploring London's past and some interesting areas that it would be easy to overlook. Apparently this walk is wheelchair (and pushchair!) friendly.
Starting on the steps of St Paul's on 26 May at 1.30pm

On a similar 'hidden' theme, this walk will explore the back streets near some of London's most famous landmarks.
Starting at Embankment tube station on 25 May at 10.30am

This includes some of my favourite parts of the Green Chain, taking in the view from Shooter's Hill and some wonderful woodland.  A longer walk at 7 miles, but done at a leisurely pace over 3.5 hours. Lead by Ian Bull, who I agree is a great walking guide!
Starts at Belvedere railway station on 26 May at 1pm

The Thames Path SUPER WALK
A whopping 17.5 miler, starting at Slade Green station and finishing in Greenwich.  For obvious baby-shaped reasons I'm not going to be able to do this but, if you do go, I'd recommend having a celebratory pint of Meantime at the Old Brewery afterwards.  Also lead by Ian, so you know it'll be a good one.
Starts at Slade Green railway station on 25 May at 10am

See the rest of the walks here!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy birthday! So much has changed.

Three years ago today, I decided to embark on one of the most incredible journeys I have ever undertaken. That year of training featured many of the toughest experiences I have faced, and the walk itself became one of the most rewarding.  Three years ago today, I launched into a world I had little understanding of (training? stamina? competition? what's that?) and came out understanding a lot more about myself.

Since the walk, my life has changed dramatically.  I have changed jobs once, moved house twice, and my hair is a good 10 inches shorter.  Oh, and I had a baby 6 months ago too.  So the walking is on hold.  In fact, the longest walk I have undertaken in over a year was probably the one I posted back in January.  Where I also said that I was resurrecting the blog.  Oops.

Anyway, today would have been my dad's 80th birthday. Although I can't believe that he's watching over us, I do believe that he is very much a silent grandfather for my daughter.  She sleeps in a cot with bumpers made from his old cotton shirts, I sing the same songs to her that he sang to me and, although she's little and obviously doesn't understand, I frequently talk to her about him.  Tonight I will cook something dad appropriate and raise a glass to his life - something I hope to share with her in the years to come too.

Thanks, Dad.  And happy birthday.