Sunday, 8 May 2011

One week on...

I've spent the last week reflecting on the walk, flopping around my house and waiting for my ankles to fix themselves. It's only now just starting to sink in that the last year of training has finished and that I'll now have hours of extra time week - my brain's coming up with some great ideas of how to fill that, but perhaps for now I'll just devote the time to sitting.

I've collected most of the photos that my friends took during the walk into one set on my Flickr, which you can now watch as one mammoth slideshow of the full 27 hours 11 minutes (it doesn't take quite that long to view!) Watch below, or go to the set page. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I do this so you don't have to

Those of you who saw the picture of my leg I posted yesterday will know that I've had some trouble with swollen ankles and shins following the walk. Yesterday my left foot started swelling up too.

This morning I woke up and nothing had improved, so I made an appointment with my doctor.

I've just come back from that appointment and the verdict is that I have Compartment Syndrome. Apparently that's when the muscles swell to more than the sheath around them can contain. I've been told to rest up for a week, and I'm to go back to my doctor on Monday (er, Happy Birthday to me) to check how it's going.

Still not regretting the walk - I really truly loved it - and rather pleased that I had the foresight to take the next week off work. Not quite the holiday I had planned though!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's over.

Hello everyone! It's Katy here! I hope my husband has been keeping you entertained in my absence.

So, that walk then. It was quite long, wasn't it? I have to say that it didn't feel as long as it was though.

Sure there were moments when I felt really incredibly down, but every time I did there was someone there to cheer me up and get me going again. Even my incredibly painful ankles (which started hurting just a few hours in) couldn't stop me, and once dawn broke there was no doubt in my mind that I would cross the finishing line. OK, not in the 24 hours I had hoped for but after 27 hours and 11 minutes of non-stop walking.

Once home I survived for a few hours of my celebration party before falling asleep on the sofa and having to be led upstairs to bed at 6.45pm. I had an awesome 14 hours of sleep, but am starting to feel nappish all over again now.

Here are a few photos from the end. I think there are some more floating around out there, so there might be a couple more picture posts to come.

A canal that did not defeat me!  Out by the river Lee/Lea

Striding along Green Lanes

Crossing the finishing line at Woolwich Foot Tunnel
I crossed the finishing line at Woolwich, 27 hours and 11 minutes after setting off.

My poor swollen bruised ankle.  It's got worse since then too...EEKS!
This is what more than a day on your feet will do to your ankles -
they are so swollen that they have bruised themselves.

I gave up at about 6.30, falling asleep on the sofa after 27 hours of walking and 36 hours of being awake

I want to say special thanks to all of my lovely walk volunteers: Clairey, Ollie, Mel, Filiz, Jo, Emma, Ed, Ewan, Linzi, Edd, Carla, Michael, Lizzy, Dani, Pippa, Bec, George and Paul. Without you guys cheering me on I know that I could not have completed even half of it.

I also want to say an extra special thank you to my Mum and my fantastic husband David. They both provided wonderful support running up to and during the walk, and for David that's now extended to bringing me cups of tea while I rest my swollen legs.

Thank you, thank you everyone.

Monday, 2 May 2011


Here are some photos of Kate + entourage from Highgate onwards:

In Queens Wood near Highgate

Less than 17 miles to go!

Sprite on the Parkland Walk

Katy, relaxed

The gang at Stoke Newington

Hello again! This is David back home in south London again.

As I write this, Kate is now making her way through section 14 of the Capital Ring's 15 sections. The last update posted to this blog had her leaving Greenford shortly after midnight with Oliver. The previously-mentioned ankle pain got quite a lot worse over sections 10 and 11 (Greenford - South Kenton - Hendon) and I know that Kate is incredibly grateful for the support that Oliver gave to help get her through these difficult moments.

They were joined by Lizzy, Carla and Michael shortly before Hendon. Some Deep Heat supplied by Carla helped combat some of Katy's aches and all five pushed on towards Highgate. Along the way they picked up Dani and the tag team pairing of George and Paul, Kate's brother and sister (whilst one walked the other drove the car ahead slightly, and so on). I met the gang just before Highgate Station at around 7am for the walk to Stoke Newington. Carla and Michael headed home at this point and Oliver left us for some well-earned rest at Highgate, but our numbers were soon swelled again by a returning Ed, Angel and Mel on the Parkland Walk. Heading into Clissold Park we picked up even more supporters in the shape of Pippa and Bec!

I said my goodbyes at Stoke Newington but was replaced by Katy's mum, Jan. Lizzy finished around here as well. Heading on from Stokey towards Hackney Wick with Kate were Jan, Ed, Angel, Mel, Dani, Pippa, Bec and George/Paul.

I think I've mentioned everyone, but please correct me if not! It was amazing to see so many lovely people coming out to support Kate like that. Thank you all so much!

Kate has slowed down quite a bit now as the effects of the walk start to take hold. She is now likely to complete the walk at around 12.30-13.00. If you're free and able to get over there, why not join us at the south entrance of Woolwich Foot Tunnel to cheer her home?

I'm sat here in the kitchen writing this post, looking at the huge "Mission Control" map on the wall which shows the whole route. The scale of what Kate has done only really starts to sink in looking at this. I am so in awe of what my wonderful, wonderful wife has achieved!


And we're back

Hello! First of all, huge apologies for the lengthy radio silence there. This was caused by a combination of a later than expected arrival in Greenford followed by a nightbus epic.

If you're following the twitter updates then you'll know that Kate is very much still going. However, she's had some pain from her ankles which has caused her to slow down a little more, on top of the earlier delay resulting from taking a wrong turn. At the time of writing this she is around 90 minutes behind the scheduled time. It is possible that she might lose more time yet. If you're planning on meeting her, please text (or ideally just ring) me for the latest. I'm going to head over myself to join her for some of the walk soon.

Kate was joined by Jo for the walk from Streatham to Wimbledon Park, where Angel and Ed took over for the hike across Richmond Park. She reached Richmond Bridge at about 21.15 where Edd, Linzi and Ewan took over chaperoning duties. Ewan clocked off at Boston Manor and Edd and Linzi stayed with her until Greenford. I was waiting at Greenford with Oliver and some hot food and a change of footwear. Kate made it to Greenford at 00.15 - around an hour behind schedule - and departed in good cheer with Oliver. She has since passed South Kenton and is ploughing on towards Hendon and beyond. She's taken some painkillers for her ankles and is very much looking forward to reaching Hendon and Highgate, where many more people will be joining her.

Once again, thank you so so much to everybody who has supported her so far. She has now been walking for 17.5 hours! These last few sections are going to be tough, but I know she can do it. Go Kate!

Here are some photos taken at the pitstop in Greenford:

Pasta is gooood

Edd thinks so too

It's a little blurry in the photo, but the arrow on the left says it's just 34 miles until she's back at the Woolwich Foot Tunnel!

And she's off again!


Sunday, 1 May 2011


Kate is still going strong and should be crossing the Thames pretty soon. I'm heading out shortly to west London to meet her with a change of socks and shoes and a Thermos full of hot pasta, so things will be quiet on here and twitter for a while. All volunteers should have my mobile number in case of any problems or queries.

I promise to bring back photos!



Well, after taking a wrong turning somewhere around Biggin Hill Woods on section 4, Kate is now back on track and pressing on towards Wimbledon and Richmond. Huge thanks must go to Clairey, Mel and Filiz who have been walking with Kate at various stages during the day. Mel has sent in a few photos taken during the fourth stage:

Katy and mum Jan



Kate has just been in touch to let me know that she's running ever so slightly behind schedule (only by 10 minutes or so) but is feeling physically fine. At the time of writing this post she will have been walking for six hours - a quarter of the total time. She's covered around 20 miles so far and burned around 1600-1700 calories already! Go go Kate!


And we're off...

Kate set off from the southern entrance to the Woolwich Foot Tunnel at 10am sharp this morning. Accompanying her for the first few miles were Claire, Oliver, myself, Linzi and Edd. We made good time over section 1 of the Capital Ring, reaching Falconwood at around 11.45. Kate then headed on towards Grove Park with Claire for company. Oliver and I headed back home (via The Greggs). Oliver, Linzi and Edd (and hopefully me too!) will all be rejoining Kate later on during the walk. Here are a few photos:

Katy at the start

The early walkers

Oliver, Kate and Claire outside the excellently-named Severndroog Castle