Monday, 2 May 2011

Hello again! This is David back home in south London again.

As I write this, Kate is now making her way through section 14 of the Capital Ring's 15 sections. The last update posted to this blog had her leaving Greenford shortly after midnight with Oliver. The previously-mentioned ankle pain got quite a lot worse over sections 10 and 11 (Greenford - South Kenton - Hendon) and I know that Kate is incredibly grateful for the support that Oliver gave to help get her through these difficult moments.

They were joined by Lizzy, Carla and Michael shortly before Hendon. Some Deep Heat supplied by Carla helped combat some of Katy's aches and all five pushed on towards Highgate. Along the way they picked up Dani and the tag team pairing of George and Paul, Kate's brother and sister (whilst one walked the other drove the car ahead slightly, and so on). I met the gang just before Highgate Station at around 7am for the walk to Stoke Newington. Carla and Michael headed home at this point and Oliver left us for some well-earned rest at Highgate, but our numbers were soon swelled again by a returning Ed, Angel and Mel on the Parkland Walk. Heading into Clissold Park we picked up even more supporters in the shape of Pippa and Bec!

I said my goodbyes at Stoke Newington but was replaced by Katy's mum, Jan. Lizzy finished around here as well. Heading on from Stokey towards Hackney Wick with Kate were Jan, Ed, Angel, Mel, Dani, Pippa, Bec and George/Paul.

I think I've mentioned everyone, but please correct me if not! It was amazing to see so many lovely people coming out to support Kate like that. Thank you all so much!

Kate has slowed down quite a bit now as the effects of the walk start to take hold. She is now likely to complete the walk at around 12.30-13.00. If you're free and able to get over there, why not join us at the south entrance of Woolwich Foot Tunnel to cheer her home?

I'm sat here in the kitchen writing this post, looking at the huge "Mission Control" map on the wall which shows the whole route. The scale of what Kate has done only really starts to sink in looking at this. I am so in awe of what my wonderful, wonderful wife has achieved!


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  1. I am glad we left her in good hands. Oliver deserves a massive round of applause and I am glad my Deep Heat was helpful.

    See you later for some more cheering!