Monday, 2 May 2011

And we're back

Hello! First of all, huge apologies for the lengthy radio silence there. This was caused by a combination of a later than expected arrival in Greenford followed by a nightbus epic.

If you're following the twitter updates then you'll know that Kate is very much still going. However, she's had some pain from her ankles which has caused her to slow down a little more, on top of the earlier delay resulting from taking a wrong turn. At the time of writing this she is around 90 minutes behind the scheduled time. It is possible that she might lose more time yet. If you're planning on meeting her, please text (or ideally just ring) me for the latest. I'm going to head over myself to join her for some of the walk soon.

Kate was joined by Jo for the walk from Streatham to Wimbledon Park, where Angel and Ed took over for the hike across Richmond Park. She reached Richmond Bridge at about 21.15 where Edd, Linzi and Ewan took over chaperoning duties. Ewan clocked off at Boston Manor and Edd and Linzi stayed with her until Greenford. I was waiting at Greenford with Oliver and some hot food and a change of footwear. Kate made it to Greenford at 00.15 - around an hour behind schedule - and departed in good cheer with Oliver. She has since passed South Kenton and is ploughing on towards Hendon and beyond. She's taken some painkillers for her ankles and is very much looking forward to reaching Hendon and Highgate, where many more people will be joining her.

Once again, thank you so so much to everybody who has supported her so far. She has now been walking for 17.5 hours! These last few sections are going to be tough, but I know she can do it. Go Kate!

Here are some photos taken at the pitstop in Greenford:

Pasta is gooood

Edd thinks so too

It's a little blurry in the photo, but the arrow on the left says it's just 34 miles until she's back at the Woolwich Foot Tunnel!

And she's off again!


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