Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's over.

Hello everyone! It's Katy here! I hope my husband has been keeping you entertained in my absence.

So, that walk then. It was quite long, wasn't it? I have to say that it didn't feel as long as it was though.

Sure there were moments when I felt really incredibly down, but every time I did there was someone there to cheer me up and get me going again. Even my incredibly painful ankles (which started hurting just a few hours in) couldn't stop me, and once dawn broke there was no doubt in my mind that I would cross the finishing line. OK, not in the 24 hours I had hoped for but after 27 hours and 11 minutes of non-stop walking.

Once home I survived for a few hours of my celebration party before falling asleep on the sofa and having to be led upstairs to bed at 6.45pm. I had an awesome 14 hours of sleep, but am starting to feel nappish all over again now.

Here are a few photos from the end. I think there are some more floating around out there, so there might be a couple more picture posts to come.

A canal that did not defeat me!  Out by the river Lee/Lea

Striding along Green Lanes

Crossing the finishing line at Woolwich Foot Tunnel
I crossed the finishing line at Woolwich, 27 hours and 11 minutes after setting off.

My poor swollen bruised ankle.  It's got worse since then too...EEKS!
This is what more than a day on your feet will do to your ankles -
they are so swollen that they have bruised themselves.

I gave up at about 6.30, falling asleep on the sofa after 27 hours of walking and 36 hours of being awake

I want to say special thanks to all of my lovely walk volunteers: Clairey, Ollie, Mel, Filiz, Jo, Emma, Ed, Ewan, Linzi, Edd, Carla, Michael, Lizzy, Dani, Pippa, Bec, George and Paul. Without you guys cheering me on I know that I could not have completed even half of it.

I also want to say an extra special thank you to my Mum and my fantastic husband David. They both provided wonderful support running up to and during the walk, and for David that's now extended to bringing me cups of tea while I rest my swollen legs.

Thank you, thank you everyone.

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  1. You are absolutely inspirational - you were just amazing on the day.

    And that's the last nice thing I'm saying to you for about 14 years. I've used up all the nice I have! ;)