Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Happy birthday! So much has changed.

Three years ago today, I decided to embark on one of the most incredible journeys I have ever undertaken. That year of training featured many of the toughest experiences I have faced, and the walk itself became one of the most rewarding.  Three years ago today, I launched into a world I had little understanding of (training? stamina? competition? what's that?) and came out understanding a lot more about myself.

Since the walk, my life has changed dramatically.  I have changed jobs once, moved house twice, and my hair is a good 10 inches shorter.  Oh, and I had a baby 6 months ago too.  So the walking is on hold.  In fact, the longest walk I have undertaken in over a year was probably the one I posted back in January.  Where I also said that I was resurrecting the blog.  Oops.

Anyway, today would have been my dad's 80th birthday. Although I can't believe that he's watching over us, I do believe that he is very much a silent grandfather for my daughter.  She sleeps in a cot with bumpers made from his old cotton shirts, I sing the same songs to her that he sang to me and, although she's little and obviously doesn't understand, I frequently talk to her about him.  Tonight I will cook something dad appropriate and raise a glass to his life - something I hope to share with her in the years to come too.

Thanks, Dad.  And happy birthday.

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